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Drach Caves Cruise Tour

A nice and cool Caves Experience: Especially for my cruise guests!

Drach Caves Cruise Overview

Mallorca, with its thousands of caves, is a paradise for speleologists and the Dragon Cave is perhaps the most famous of the world. Millions of stalactites and stalagmites have formed this cave. Just enjoy the visit with your family and children. This is an unforgettable trip and the highlight of your holiday.

In this great tour suitable for the whole family we bring you to the northeast of the island, where we will visit the famous Caves of Drach (Dragon). After picking you up at the ship we start our tour and we drive in direction to the second largest city of the island to Manacor, where the king of tennis was born.

Do you know who I mean? Close to the pretty, little and typically Mediterranean harbour of Porto Cristo, where this active legendary tennis player lives, is also home of the famous Caves of Dragon. You will take a breath-taking tour in one of the most impressive caves in the world, where you will also enjoy a live concert at the largest underground lake. After the relaxed concert you have the possibility to enjoy a nice and exiting experience of this lake by a row boat. Don´t miss it!

Of course, this tour includes the visit of the world-famous Mallorca pearl factory and as we are closed to the harbour of Porto Cristo, we will also make a stay where you should use your free time in this impressive fjord-like harbour to take beautiful photos, relax at the beach or simply admire the typical Majorcan boats "Llauts" with a delicious ice cream.

"A nice, exciting and complete tour and as many guests think: ideal for young and old"

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